Our funding requirements

You expect medicine to offer safe and innovative treatments? You believe that patients deserve the best experts? We share these expectations. Help us achieve them.

Clinatec needs funds to achieve innovative research and guarantee patient safety thanks to cutting-edge equipment and teams of specialists. Projects currently under way have already yielded significant results and their legitimacy has been demonstrated in patients. But we need to push further. Several obstacles must yet be overcome to enable the application of these medical techniques and processes to Man and their extension to all. The funds Clinatec requires are essential if we are to recruit the best medical and technological professionals and associate them to a research process which carries high promise for hundreds of million of patients. All are waiting for the arrival of new therapeutic solutions. The key lies with your support.

Contribute to meaningful projects

BCI project
Objective: manufacture a robotic exoskeleton to provide quadriplegics with motor assistance. This will be controlled by a special device capable of capturing and transcribing brain signals.

NIR project
Objective: invent a preventive treatment for Parkinson’s disease, using the neuroprotective properties of infrared light.

EXPLORER project
Objective: design molecular imprinting sampling tools to investigate tissues, explore and target diseased areas.