Invest in the medicine of tomorrow

You are moved by the suffering of millions of patients. You are convinced that medical research needs to progress further and faster. Help Clinatec innovate in the fields of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and disabilities.

Clinatec has revolutionized the world of biomedical research. The only research centre of its kind worldwide, it provides medical research with openings in electronics, micro- and nanotechnology. What for? Because many patients are running out of time and “conventional” medicine is unable to abate their suffering. It is for them that Clinatec want to go further, open up practices, combine the best that each has to offer to push back the borders of lost causes. Work currently under way has already yielded highly promising results which need to be pushed farther. This is where Clinatec needs you. With your help, we may develop innovative therapeutic solutions that spare patients and can be made available to most. Help us win this battle!

Becoming a Clinatec donor means to…

  • Contribute in practical terms to the expansion of technological innovation.
  • Contribute to the application of cutting-edge electronic devices using micro- and nanotechnology for medical purposes.
  • Open up new avenues for the care and well-being of patients.
  • Support the development of a less invasive and better targeted medicine.
  • Enable the large-scale distribution of tried and tested therapeutic solutions.
  • Accelerate research.
  • Give hope to millions.