The Clinatec endowment fund

Created in 2014, this independent, non-profit legal structure works to put technological research at the service of health and patients.

The Endowment Fund is intended to collect and then return its funds to the Clinatec and the Endowment Fund, to finance activities of general interest (scientific research). The Endowment Fund is managed in a selfless manner and therefore is authorized to issue tax receipts to its donors.

The 4 missions of the Endowment Fund

  • Support the Clinatec teams by providing additional funding to meet the needs of projects and accelerate their completion.
  • Fund its own projects on the Clinatec platform by relying on the scientific skills and technologies of the CEA.
  • Open Clinatec to all people wishing to better understand the research and projects carried out within the laboratory.
  • Give visibility in France and around the world to the scientific achievements of Clinatec’s research teams.


A governance model at the service of patients

The Clinatec Endowment Fund acts autonomously and transparently, under the control of its Board of Directors

Scientific projects are appraised in conjunction with the Scientific Council.

The Campaign Committee, chaired by Thibault Lanxade, supports the projects of Clinatec and the Endowment Fund. It mobilizes new patrons to carry out its patronage campaign.

All of these players guarantee efficient and transparent management, always at the service of patients.


5 reasons to support the Endowment Fund

  1. You provide concrete solutions to patients and their loved ones
  2. You support cutting-edge innovation and a unique project
  3. You participate in inventing the medicine of tomorrow
  4. You are working for a fairer society
  5. You become a patron of the Endowment Fund

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