Research and clinical care in the same location to speed up the application to patient care. A set up with extended mutualisation, open to collaborators from all over the world. The Clinatec facility is unique in its kind, whether in expertise or equipment, all allowing the best ideas to be followed through.

Clinical application, trials and research

In association with the Grenoble teaching hospital, Clinatec wanted to create a safety and expertise “bubble” around each clinical trial, so as to speed up the transfer of technological innovations from the lab. to the patient. Hence the transfer of 6 hospital beds from the Grenoble CHU to the Clinatec unit.
In this unique environment, the way in which we conduct our clinical trials is also original. Clinatec commands technical and human resources that no other hospital can gather in a single location. This enables a much more thorough observation of what goes on in the patient’s body during a clinical trial. It guarantees a considerable reduction in the risk of undesirable side effects and speeds up the validation process of new therapeutic strategies.

The Project hatching ground

The most imaginative and performing teams are welcomed at Clinatec. Our facilities are already enjoyed by clinicians working on high tech. projects, industrialists wishing to conduct clinical tests, isolated researchers whose domain comes within Clinatec’s avenues. A committee meets once a week to define the practical modalities of these collaborations and anticipate the conditions of the transfer of the most audacious ideas to the patient’s bedside.