Medical Device design and production department

Fast-tracking the development of innovative medical devices for patients

The Medical Device Design and Production Department has been set up to develop innovative medical devices and methods (diagnosis and treatment) in response to specific medical needs. Technological innovation, meeting specific medical needs and compliance with regulatory safety and reliability requirements are the key ingredients required to develop such pioneering devices.


The Medical Device Design and Production Department is tasked with the specification, design and integration of innovative medical devices (implants or other devices) aligned with specific medical needs, standards and technical requirements. The medical devices developed may be a combination of various technological sub-assemblies (electronics, packaging, mechanical, optical, software, data processing, robotics, etc.).


The department also manufactures and qualifies medical devices developed for clinical trials in partnership with external technological development teams, industrial manufacturers (OEMs) and certified laboratories tasked with qualification in accordance with current standards.




The department is also involved in validating these medical devices in the applicative environment: validating and optimizing performance in the applied context, setting up preclinical tests and tests performed during clinical trials.